My Top 10 fondest memories of Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Don't you think that the Youth Olympics Games have ended TOO quickly?
I feel so lucky that i was picked to be one of the blogger to cover the various YOG related events such as the Samsung Human Torch, City Celebrations.. and the Opening Ceremony of YOG!

Attended these fun events with other bloggers, it was hard to pick out just 10 of My Fondest Memories of the YOG 2010!

1. Samsung Human Torch

That evening was my first time meeting all of the other bloggers and Brewerks while we were having our briefing, everyone was shy but we socialized and finally got out of our comfort zone and everyone made friends by the end of the night!


2. The exciting performances at the Samsung Human Torch Event



We were entertained by the DANGEROUS fire breather!
This performance really made my toes curl cos i was so nervous that he would set his face on fire :x


And the dance group was really cool too!

3. The actual... HUMAN TORCH!


2010 youths came together to light up our Human Torch at 20:10pm on the same day the Olympic flame was lit in Greece!

Being part of something so amazing..
I'm sure it was THE best experience for both me and the 2010 youths.

4. VVIP invitation to City Celebrations 2010


Hahahah, call me kuku or whatever you want,
but i've never got a "VVIP" invitation in my entire short life of 20 years! VIP yes.. but never VVIP!
I swore my eyes LIT UP when i saw the VVIP label. heheheh

5. My first time seeing a Kpop band

Hmm, not too bad, Top 10 fondest memory of YOG and i've had my 3 First(s) in my life already! :D

Regrettably, It was only my first time seeing a kpop band concert!
And definitely not the last!I wanna go for more kpop concerts now,
they are just awesome at making the crowd go nuts!
Going crazy with my new blogger friends i made certainly made the night even better.



4Minute & Beast, i want more of yoooooou!

6. Invitation to the YOG Opening Ceremony


Mad excited when i received the adorable Lyo pre-paid Visa card in my mailbox!
obviously i've tossed aside my miserably normal ez-link card and used this as my ez-link when i'm using public transport!

But why is it a pre-paid card! Wished it was a debit card so i don't have to go and top it up!

7.The YOG opening ceremony


It felt like not only did Singapore come and celebrate this historical event together, it's the whole WORLD that came cheer and celebrate the Youth Olympic Games.

8. Fidelis made MORE friends!!!


Not only the atheletes from the 204 participating countries made friends through the games, i did too!

Ok, i could be painfully shy at times and sometimes i need to be DRAGGED out of my comfort zone, Noel's lame jokes all night definitely worked. Haha,
So glad i got to know this fun bunch, Alton, Noel, Ruiting, Ivan, Jeremy.. we even went to hunt for food together after the event!

Oh my, it was SO hard to find places that serves food at 11pm + empty after the audiences of the opening ceremony flood out of The Float.

9. Fireworks @ YOG Opening Ceremony


Fireworks! There were like fireworks every 10-20 mins it's just pure madness.
Ok i know this is so typical but i'm only human!!!

10. The YOG flame is lit!


The way the cauldron was lit, that twirling effect of that fire, really awed me and caught my attention right on.

My friend who was working for YOG told me a truckload of physics info about
how the twirling fire effect was created and i was not proud to say
that i didn't understand a word of what he said!!!
Ok, i will go ask him again and hopefully he can explain it to me in plain english this time.


Thank you Samsung for being such an AWESOME and i must say, GENEROUS sponser throughout the Youth Olympic Events, it was an absolutely great experience i had for the past month!

Hope you all enjoyed the Youth Olympics Games in Singapore too,
so proud of our athletes representing Team Singapore!

Ettusais Beauty Diary: Clear skin please!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ettusais Beauty Diary #Clear Skin, Pretty Please?

I hate the 1-2 weeks before my period. Pure hate to the B.B.P.
Breakouts. Blemishes. Pimples.

I know we should NEVER pick at our pimple, if not it'll leave a ugly pimple scar,
I shared with you girls "my secret weapons" to having a nice backacne-less skin
last week if you've missed it, read it here:


Wanna know what do i do to prevention breakouts before/during period

+ how i get rid of those pimples without leaving scars?


Cross your heart and promise to keep it a secret? (:

# No. 1 Secret Weapon against B.B.P

This is one of my secret weapon! I've read on forums long time ago
before i tried this product, found out that it's much loved by many other girls too!



Retails at $49, contains 50 sheets, but 1 tub lasts me forever.

one week - a few days before your period and you feel like you're going to breakout already, apply these mini acne care sheets on the places you'd normally have pimples popping out!


For me it's the cheek/chin/forehead!
(pardon my bare makeup less face + dripping wet hair,
just got out of the shower, hehe)

These mini acne care sheets have little flaps that fits perfectly to the contours of your face, so you can apply it to wherever you want!

# No. 2 Secret Weapon against B.B.P

If preventions fails, i always have my trusty Acne Clear Spots Superior to fall back on!


Zap those pimples of with Acne Clear Spot Superior,
Love this product, unlike some other pimple drying products,
leaves your skin SO DRY, don't like it! ):

It does its job in zapping those blemishes/pimples but yet it's NOT drying to the skin!

Retails at $39


Leave a comment on my tagboard, and let me know!


What I'm wearing:
(Products are all from Ettusais!)

Acne Whitening UV EX SPF24 pa++
Flat Design Liquid in shade 20 Beige
Sheer Matte Powder EXTRA
Cheek Colour in Shade PK5 (Sweet Marble LE collection)

Eye zone tinted colour essence
MM mascara base
Perfect multi mascara
Pencil brow Liner(Shade: Dark Brown)
Pencil eye liner (Black)
Eye Colour C (White highlighting shade)
Line Colour (BR3)

Lip Colour (BE1)
Jelly Gloss (BE4)

Ettusais counters are available at:

BHG Bugis, BHG Bishan
Isetan Orchard, isetan Scotts, Isetan Tampines
Metro Woodlands, Metro Paragon

Baby Nutella went over to the rainbow bridge

Friday, August 27, 2010

I had a beloved Guinea pig named Nutella,
he was a rough-coated teddy bear with brown, black and white fur.

This morning, my baby nutella went over to the rainbow bridge,
he has been sick for the past week, despite me handfeeding him every 4hours,
he gradually got weaker, everytime i hold him, he'll rest his tiny head on my lap gently.
Last night i made the hardest decision of my life and decided that putting him to sleep will be the most humane way now, i really don't want him suffering more than he should.

I've no idea it could be so heart breaking.
I've no idea last night, how long i wept on my knees,
praying for the best for him to happen,
for god to end his suffering and let God take him away in his sleep,
so he won't leave struggling and hurting at the very end..

This morning I woke up at 8.30am, thinking of going to hold him
for half an hour before we went to the vet..
and i received an sms from my mummy that said
"Your baby have already rest in peace, in heaven with God"

I ran out of my room to see peanut alone in his cage,
and it looks like he's saying "what's the matter? where's nutella?"
At least i know now.. Nutella is not hurting and sick anymore,
but munching on plentiful of his favourite apples & carrots
and running around in Heaven.


I'll never forget that morning 3 years ago, when my mum burst into my room
and screamed "come come baby come out and seee something!!!!!"
I was still groggy from sleeping, but ran out to see what's happening anyway..
My eyes hurt from the bright lights flooding in my living room,
my heart skipped a beat when i saw three little furkids running and jumping around the cage,
i think they were just as excited as me to be in this world!



sleeping with mummy!

The past week was really the hardest for both Nutella and me,
At first he was really turn off by having to be fed by a syringe..


NOOOOO, I don't want! *hides in between leon's thighs*
he was so skinny..


Put in my paws i eat myself? *peeps*
he always had the "piggie-gonna-RUN!" look, and that playful glint in his eyes..


I know now for sure, he's in heaven.
I'll always love you in my heart, Nutella.

Mystery Dinner: Teppanyaki @ Nanjya Monjya

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Remember my last post on Mystery Brunch @ A Pinch of Salt 2 weeks back?
Click here if you've not read it:

So this is how our Mystery Brunch/Lunch/Dinner works,
Every week, one of us: Nadnut, Esther, Jacelyn or myself will think
of a foodie place and bring everyone there for a mystery brunch/lunch/dinner!
Non of u, except the host would know the exact location until then.

A Pinch of Salt was Nadnut's idea, so this week is Jacelyn's turn
and we're having Teppanyaki!!! Woohoooooo,
it's been a long long time since i had teppanyaki lor!
So super looking forward to that day.

Here's my eye make-up of the day:

Picnik collage

I'm wearing:

Shimmery blue e/s (all over)
Black with green glitters e/s (on the crease)
Ettusais Brow Liner (Yellow brown)
MM Mascara Base
Ettusais Perfect Multi Mascara

Do you know.. that drawing your eyeliner abit thicker in the middle
gives you a "bigger/rounder" eye effect? Try this tip next time for dolly looking eyes! (:

Pssss! I'm gonna have a brow grooming tutorial soon, keep a lookout for that post!

No idea why my camera couldn't capture the blue thou. Weird.
I'm still having an eye infection, so i'm laying off the falsies for the moment!


Woohoo, brought boyf along for our Mystery Teppanyaki date
with the girls at Nanjya Monjya @ Waterfront Plaza..
cos he loves teppanyaki, nadnut brought her CCB
(Not trying to be vulgar/rude! She calls her boy Ching Chong Boy - CCB!)

Surprisingly, we were the FIRST to arrive. was expecting to be late
cos boyf rushed to pick me up from home right after his meeting!



Nothing to do camwhore! Orh oh.. boyf's getting WRINKLES!
Cannot make cute face liao.

I've some fine lines at my undereye area too.. sigh.
Feels shitty getting older. I think it's FILLERS & I, FOREVER & EVER once i hit 30.
(if i can afford it lah, what if i can't? ): So poor thing..)


My hungry wolf!


It was our "Everybody wear maxi dress" day!
Hor hor.. but jacelyn forgot about it so only me, nadnut & esther wore maxi dresses.
Waited for 1 hour for nadnut & ccb to come, cos poor nadnut had to knock off one hour late!

*hungry hungry bang table with FORKS!*



Ok, all my foodie pictures looks very unappetizing/unfocused/blur whatever
so i won't be posting up any, but the food was really good!
But i think next time we must order more! Lol


Esther & Nadnut!

Next weeks is Esther's Mystery Steamboat, then my mystery dinner..
i've thought of where to go already (sorry must keep it a secret first..hehe)
and i think they will enjoy it very much! (:

Surprisingly we only paid $20 per person, think cos we really order very very little!


Oh, we were all wearing apparels from TheBlogShop, mad awesome or what?! (:
Brought my fujifilm instant camera, luckily the boys were there to snap pic-xys for us!

Woohoo, meeting the girls this friday & next wed for mystery foodie meetups again!

Nanjya Monjya

Waterfront Plaza #01-03/05,
390A Havelock Road Singapore 169664
Contact Nanjya Monjya at: 6738 7177

Ebay loots from HK!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Ordered a bunch of stuff from ebay last week,
shampoo.. handcream.. eyedrop.. concealers.. lipbalms..

I'm such a fan of lipbalms!
I know it's crazy but i have 8 different tubes of lipbalms that i'm using currently,
You need lipbalms of different textures on different occasion
just like you need different clothes for different occasions!

Sometimes on hot days i wanna use something more minty & fresh..
Sometimes i need something light but hydrating to layer under the lipstick..
Sometimes i just want to go lipstick/lipgloss-less so i want a lipbalm
with more SHINE and slightly TINTED so my lips don't look pale!

So how? Now you know why i need so many right?!
Sigh, it's so easy to earn a lady's moolahs.

#01 loot from Hong Kong
I got a product from the highly raved haircare range Shiseido Tsubaki!


It's from the latest hair care series, as known as the "Gold Tsubaki"
designed for scalp care and it's only available in Japan!

I thought it was like a hair massaging oil when i ordered it, but turned out to be an Extra Cleansing Shampoo instead, never tried such a product before!

Why do we need an Extra Cleansing Shampoo?
I guess it's the same logic as using a deep cleansing mask?
For people like me who often use hairspray/wax/styling products
may find this product useful to really clear out all the gunk in our hair.

I mean, hair wax is so damn bloody hard to wash off,
I'm sure sometimes there will be residue right?!
It's really EXTRA CLEANSING so you only use this product once a week.

my hair was really SQUEAKY CLEAN
after using this shampoo, maybe a wee bit TOOOOO squeaky clean,
I HAVE to use a conditioner after using this product,
people with dry hair might not want to try this product thou.

Picnik collage

You know how some people prefer sweet candies + a TOUCH of mint
over STRONG mint?

This shampoo is like the citrus with a touch of mint candy to me,
it's formulated to be just SLIGHTLY cooling,
rather than shampoos like Head & Shoulders shampoo. I hate it!!! It's like.. SCALP FREEZING!
(haha i don't know a better way of phrasing it but you get the drift..)

And it has high purity camillia oil extract in it and it smells SO YUMMY!
Plus i think my hair has more bounce in it after i used this shampoo.
so overall, it's a GOOD BUY!

#02 loot from HK
Shiseido Rosarium Rose Hand Cream


I was in search of a new hand cream, that is hydrating but not oily!
I think i'm old already, nowadays if I never apply hand cream
my hands will feel very uncomfy, I need that layer of protection!!!

The Shiseido Rosarium range is also only available in Japan,
But do you know what made me GRAB this product at the first glance?

Check out their official website:
KAWAAAAAAAAAAII, saw the web and i knew i was gonna get the product.
I'm such a sucker, hahahahahahah!

It contains the essence of 7, SEVEN different species of roses!
and it contains hyaluronic acid, collagen, it's my favourite.

It has totally earn it's spot by my desktop monitor!
(that's where all my supplements, body moisturizers are,
I'm always camping infront of my desktop.. so naturally
i will see it everyday and remember to use them!)

I love how luxurious the rose scent is,
it has beaten my once-favourited handcream which is the Crabtree & Evelyn Rosewater handcream!

You know how some creams smells too strong and unnatural?
This one DOESN'T, it's really heavenly and just enough so that you feel oh-so-pampered.
The texture is thick & hydrating but yet not sticky and absorbs REALLY quickly.

Ahhh, so i've shared my recent good buys.. time for you to share yours!


Qn of the day: What's the BEST BEAUTY PRODUCT you've ever bought?
Leave a comment to share! (:

YOG 2010 opening ceremony

Friday, August 20, 2010

Sponsered Advertorial:

Hello all! Have you been watching the Youth Olympic Games?
I've been so busy this weekend with the City Celebrations @ Marina
and the Youth Olympics Games Opening Ceremony!

Took tons of photos. o.0"
I went totally NUTTY just sorting out the photos.
( Be patient k, Will be blogging on the city celebrations by this weekend!
Ahhh, 4Minute & Beast was A-W-E-S-O-M-E )

All thanks to one of the main sponsors of YOG, Samsung
i got to go watch the Opening Ceremony!!!
Woohooo, i was sure that it's gonna be an extravagant event
with a never ending stream of fireworks and i was right!


My DBS Prepaid Visa card arived by courier just 3 days before the event,
me thinks it's an awesome tie-up by DBS & Visa to combine ticketing + ezlink + visa in one card!
Woohoo, no need to use my miserably normal Ez-link card from now on! hehehe

But i want the YOG mascot edition one...
(Mummy thinks my lower lashes are fake. I've no idea when did they become so long!)

The Youth Olympics is, of course to display the sportsmanship of every individual,
but most importantly, to create a friendly relationship between
the 204 countries participating in the games..

While the participants from all over the world are becoming
on friendly terms with each other..
i made some friends while attending the YOG events as well!

Met up with Jeremy, Noel & Alton to go to the Float for the Opening Ceremony together!
Hahaha, damn smart lah me. Noel asked me if we should go earlier like 5plus to queue up,
i said "HUH?!? start at 7.30pm leh, let's meet at 7pm!"

In the end we were one of the last few to go thru the security check and enter The Float.
Like srsly, one of the LAST FEW!!!

Camwhoring while waiting in line for the security check,
It's such an oh-so-blogger behavior! Nothing to do for 5 seconds, camwhore.


Don't play play with singapore's security kay!
It's like in the immigrations..



I want Alton's flaming red hair. HOT RED.


There's something wrong with my camera's auto function!
keeps zooming in automatically when i didnt even nudge the zoom button?!
The picture was suppose to have 3 of us,
but my stupid canon chose such a good time to go crazy.



Lol, alton's aiming damn bad! :x



After queuing up at the security check line for AT LEAST 30mins, finally our turn!
The yog personnel scanned our cards at the purple machine
and handed us this slip of paper so we could collect our goodie bag! :D



Woohoo!!! We're finally finally finally in!!! *Waves YOG flag like madwoman*
The Float was PACKED TO THE BRIM! So sad, we're seated pretty far back,
but at least we got the entire view of The Float!


Lucky us! The ceremony started like 2 mins after we are seated. How lucky!!!
Initially we thought we were gonna miss the first bit of the ceremony
cos we were stuck at security.


I must say i'm really impressed with The Float, it's REALLY beautiful..
With all the important landmarks of modern singapore,
Marina Bay Sands/Helix Bridge & the Singapore Flyer as the backdrop..
it's picture perfect!

The parade is starting!



Hahaha, i love the thundersticks. Will light up and shine shine shine!
Stand up and sing the national anthem:


After the national athem, the fireworks started already!




Can you see that the performers actually formed the Olympics symbol of 5 interlocking rings?



Raaaaahh, monsters!


This is one of my favourite part of the YOG opening ceremony..
Can you see what's on the surface of the water?



Beautiful isn't it? He was playing the piano and singing! Romaaaaantic or not!


Then they released these paper/plastic helium filled birds thing into the sky..
I stared and stared and stared at it until they all disappeared..



WOOT! Freaking thing over there yo!


Ahh fireworks again! How can you ever be sick of these.
See those pink fireworks? SWEE!!!





The athletes marched and passed the Olympian flag on to the other group of athletes!


Singing the Olympic anthem.


During the announcement of YOG athletes,
the four of us were cheering for all 204 countries,
We screamed and cheered for almost every country ok!!!


We're so.. ahem so supportive, hehe
even cheered for some countries with the very ulu names
very poor thing like nobody is cheering for them!
After the announcement of all 204 countries ended,
the four of us had no voice + our thundersticks all lao hong already. -.-

Finally, finaaaaally they announced Singapore!!
Everyone went absolutely MAD CHEERING FOR THE Singapore delegates!

Would have taken a shot of everyone if i wasn't so busy cheering myself. hahah

After the announcement ended, all the attention suddenly turned to the riverside..


A Dragon? Who cares! The Olympic Flame is on it's way to The Float!


Anticipating the arrival of the flame...



Our YOG mascots Merly & Lyo by the cauldron! Kawaii!


The last runner has just lit the cauldron and the flame is on it's way to lit up the lighthouse!



the lighthouse is absolutely beautiful,
till this day I'm still thinking of that twirling fire..
how did they manage to create that effect!


We're all in the mood for celebration,
the 2-week long Youth Olympic Games have officially started!
Best wishes to the athletes representing Singapore,
do us proud and win more medals!






The YOG opening ceremony really wow-ed all of us,
Isn't it crazy that the very first Youth Olympics 2010 is held in Singapore?
Who would have imagined Singapore being able to host such a historical event right here?
Althought we're such a tiny country but we have SO MUCH!

Singapore Flyer.. Resorts World Singapore.. Marina Bay Sands..

and definitely more to come! (:


Some of the photos are credited to Ivan & Lovelivfe

Samsung is having a "Spirit of the Games" contest!
Nope i don't mean Spirit like got ghost in the games or whatever lah,
i know it's the ghost festival now and all...

Ok back to the Spirit of the Games contest!
Samsung is giving away prizes and a Samsung GALAXY S
to the photo that shows the Spirit of the Youth Olympics games the best!

Omg i want that Galaxy S!
Just afew simple steps to join the contest:

Spirit Of The Games 1

1. Like Samsung SG's fb page here:
2. Then click the YOG tab.

Spirit Of The Games 2

3. Click Enter NOOOOOW! Galaxy S Galaxy SSSSS HERE I COME!

Spirit Of The Games 3

4. Allow access.

Spirit Of The Games 4

5. Submit your photo that shows the Sprit of the Games the best,
eg. you showing how you're cheering for the YOG!
You can submit as MANY pictures as you want to increase the chance of winning.

Good luck for the contest, Hope one of you would win the prizes! (: